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1991 B.A Fine Arts (Photography), Victoria College, Prahran campus
1991 Highly commended in Ilford (Australia) Award for work “Turtle”

2014 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), La Trobe University, Bendigo

2019 Masters of Visual Arts by Research, La Trobe University



1991 “Polly, Artists’ Portraits of Artists, Victorian Centre for Photography
1991 Published three works: Unknowable 1991, Perception of Meaning 1989, Burden of the Body 1989, in Verandah Vol 6.
1991 Selected for Critics Choice Exhibition at VCP
1992 “Hair of the Dog”, Graduate Show, Roar Studios
1992 “Images of Childhood – Then and Now” exhibition, Canterbury Family Centre, 24/10-1/11/92
1993 Isobel 5 and Isobel 6, Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography
1994 Princess, Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography
1997 Dolly Express, Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography
1998 “Rose is a Rose is a Rose”, Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography
2011  'Nude3', linoprint , “Otherness”
CASPA, April

2011  'Emotional  Cripple', linoprints, CASPA, Nov

​2012 'Bella Ciao'​​​ Linocut Prints & Collagraph, Latrobe University at Bendigo Phyllis Palmer Gallery​  Oct 4 - Nov 7.​

2013, Touched, Photographs, Comma Hotel, November

2014, Proditio, CASPA, August

2015, The Other Side, Castlemaine Fringe Festival, March 

2015, Proditio, Wallflower Gallery, Mildura, April 

2015, Fear and Loathing, La Trobe Visual Arts Centre, Aug-Sept

2015, Informed Dissent, La Trobe University Phyllis Palmer Gallery, September

2015, Get On Into Ya, CASPA, September

2016, Arts Open, Castlemaine, March

2016, Postgraduate exhibition, Arts Open, March

2017, Postgraduate exhibition, Castlemaine State Festival

2017, Shhh, Caspa, August

2017, Fematerialists, Tinning Street, Brunswick

2018, Thank you Mattel, Taradale

2018, Group Exhibition, Small works from a Big Place



For my honours project Proditio (Latin for betrayal, treason) I read accounts of child sexual abuse during the Victorian inquiry (Family and Community Development Committee 2013)  which revealed the shocking truth that individuals have been found guilty of long-term, violent sexual assault on children as young as five. Many of these sexual predators have held positions of authority and responsibility, working inside major social organisations and institutions that have systematically hidden their awareness of these crimes.


My current body of work is examining the representation of women particularly in photomontage. I am reading feminist theory, photographic theory and trying to make sense of the 21st century and how we as women function in it.  The art world has been forever changed by the feminist wave of the 1970's but there is still a long way to go. Women artists are still under represented in art galleries and collections despite most visual arts graduates being women.


I want my current project to challenge the perception of the female and the classic stereotypes of mother, wife, lover.  I am interested in the key themes of love, sex, desire, marriage, gaze and relationships.



I volunteer at an Arts Run Space in Castlemaine (CASPA) and I have a radio program on local community radio, Hello Darling. Listen in on 94.9 main fm or www.mainfm.net (Sundays 7-8pm)